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Hi! I’m Suruchi. Its so lovely to see you here, let me introduce you to me and my blog I hope you enjoy your stay and we learn new things together with each upcoming posts.

I am a 29 year old female who is obsessed with slow life. I love to cook , be in the moment , capture my food, listen to music and be lost for hours while doing so.  My blog is my collection of all things I have learnt, am learning and will be learning about Indian local cooking and the importance of food and all the people who help us with accessing it easily.

I may sometimes muse about my love for good books art and travel because that’s who I am, a person who wants to talk about mundane yet finer things in life and not rush while we take strolls through market lanes bicker about the prices pick some fresh produce and cook a lovely meal. 

I am Indian by ethnicity and a gujju to be precise. Professionally I am an engineering college dropout then a happy food diploma student cook at restaurants and now a blogger but an eternal student by heart who would be posting stuff may it be recipes or articles relating food to enjoy our local and regional cuisine . 

Why choose writing about local and regional cuisine?

May it be nostalgia of coming from a small village or looking around and seeing all the natural farm food being lost in the era of unhealthy ready to eat processed food catered through supermarkets of cities I simply wish to connect us back to eating home cooked meals made from locally sourced ingredients and best eat seasonally to stay healthy.

What led you to choose the name of your blog ?

 My blog is not just mere recipes. It is about getting and eating together, the memories, folding your legs and eating on floor. Plates being passed around an atmosphere of reunions love and laughter, while I get solace being there may it be eating or cooking or helping my maa  serve while she dishes out yummy goodness  because that’s my food for you simple yet packed with flavors zest and tang.

What future are you looking towards with your blog ?

This blog is my effort to know more about Indian regional food collaborate with people who are already doing so because I believe the earth and even us deserve unprocessed natural healthy food.

I wish to have my own garden one day where I grow my vegetables and fruits but before that I wish to learn more about slow food volunteer locally and inspire others to do the same.